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Yoga ClassES

Join Gitali for Weekly Yoga Classes!

Wednesdays at ONE Yoga - Denver, CO
10:30 AM - Gentle Yoga
12 PM - Hatha 2
5:30 PM - Hatha 1

Thursdays at Om Ananda, Fort Collins, CO
5:15 PM - Hatha




Join Gitali and her musician friends as they draw you into ecstatic rhythms and heart opening melodies through the transformational practice of bhakti singing, chanting, dancing, and meditation!


An Elementary School based assembly performance collaboration with Dr. Mykee Fowlin using the mediums of performance art (i.e., acting, music, storytelling) to reach their audiences. Mykee and Tania have created a powerful show, with an underlying theme of inclusion and acceptance of differences.

RR&R = Rest, Reiki, and Really Sweet Singing:

A unique one-of-a-kind evening of soothing songs and healing restorative practices!
Enjoy a uniquely nourishing restorative practice, receive Reiki from four experienced Reiki Masters, and be
serenaded students with healing medicine songs, chants of peace and ancient lullabies.

Visit the EVENTS CALENDAR to see a list of these other upcoming Workshops and events!

Do you wish to host a performance, class or workshop with Gitali and friends in your space?
Visit our BOOKING PAGE and lets make it happen!