Welcome to Love’s Diner!

Everything is medicine.

• All we take in: what we taste, see, touch, hear, smell….

• All we offer back: our words, movements, stillness, creations…   

My intention of Love’s Diner is to be a place of nourishment.  It begins with the seeds of who I am and what I am discovering while receiving and offering nourishment through the practice of self love…. through music, movement, bodywork, play, and possibility.

This “diner” is a seed that I have planted and continue to nurture with openness, intention, surrender and a playful curiosity of how it will grow.  My vision is instead of a 24 hour diner with a menu of edible food for the belly--- it is an infinite diner resting in the ever present moment with a menu of anything that feeds the soul.

To me, loves diner is a place (in space or time) that we can co-create where we can practice loving and nurturing ourselves by being present - while we tune in authentically to whatever calls us into alignment and balance towards our center. It is a place where we can be seen as whole, where we know we are loveable and where we are courageous and vulnerable enough to love others. A place of inspiration that is accessible to anyone regardless of economic status, gender, ethnicity, or any other difference (aka. expression of the divine).  A place to simply be.

Let’s see how it all unfolds!


 gitali • tania alexandra